The Wealth of Low Income Communities in Boulder, Colorado

Welcome to our Neighborhoods

We are “those people” and we want to change the narrative about who we are.

About me and this work

My name is Cindy Torres. I am resident of an affordable housing mobile home park in Boulder, CO. To learn more about your neighbors, growing wealth with less, details about this project, or reflections on our communities from outside the community, please click on the tabs above to browse this website.

Growing Community Wealth

Having a home to grow in is close to my heart. Visualizing the wealth of our collective communities by “seeing” all of our neighbors makes us all stronger. I’d like to acknowledge and share my immense gratitude for the courage, time, and energy of the people who are sharing their lives through these interviews and photographs in order to connect and strengthen our community.

Neighbors In Conversation

“Here, we have a real quality of life with our yards and our independence. Thank God I have affordable housing, otherwise I’d be living in a black hole. Let’s hope that places that offer affordable housing and quality living can flourish.”


“I say, come into our communities, come visit us, come talk to us, and listen to what people have to say and learn about our needs.  Please start seeing these communities, not from the deficit perspective, but more of a celebratory, collaborative, and co-creative space in your mind and heart. Give us an opportunity to show you and teach you how to live with less and still be happy and complete.”


Contact Me

torresphotography1 (at) gmail (dot) com


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